In 2018 The Sydney Roosters won the grand final I know that doesn't mean much to anyone here, but in the attempt of humor, I will say rugby league is the greatest sport on the planet. I like NBA, ICE Hockey, MMA and boxing, all that good stuff big fan. But I think the Holy Spirits favorite sport is rugby league kidding.
For those of you that don't know rugby league is a sport that is like the NFL only with no pads. Drs have actually compared every time there is a large tackle in rugby league it has a similar impact on the body to a minor car accident. This year a player named Cooper Cronk played the grand final with a broken scapula. For cooper to even be able to stand up they gave him three injections of painkillers in his arm. He ended up leading the team to a victory in front of 82 000 plus watching at the ground and millions watching around the world on tv. At the end of
the game you can see the picture above he collapsed because the painkillers wore off and it was so painful he collapsed and ended having to sit out the last 2 minutes of the game. Cooper could not do much but what he did do was navigate the team through ball
movement and screaming at players instructions he was coaching the team on the field. I was praying and I felt the Lord spoke to me in a visionary experience that his courage was like Nehemiah. Nehemiah went to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem the elders hated him for it because they did not think it lived up to the original wall. I can identify with Nehemiah who knows maybe one day the generations above mine will accept our differences and to be fair my generation will accept their differences and we can get along work together with each other's strengths rather than prejudging leading to misunderstanding. Generational passing of the mantle doesn't have a good track record in the modern church we can only pray it improves and I believe it will. Nehemiah was no doubt emotionally wounded by this not only that Nehemiah was not a builder. He encouraged the people and coached them in there job he never laid hand on anything however his encouragement was inspirational
enough for the wall that protected Jerusalem to be rebuilt. A lot of us in the body of Christ are wounded we have a broken scapular in our souls and we have been hurt usually by our fellow brethren in the church for one reason or another. I feel that like cooper cronk,
like Nehemiah even in our state of healing and emotional pain we may not be in the place to be able to lead from the front. But like Nehemiah or Cooper Cronk, we can come in and encourage those who are stepping out, leading from the from front taking hits from the enemy. We can be a prophetic voice of direction, encouragement and walk with them. Some of us are so hurt we only have so much we can give but the very act of becoming an encourager of brothers and sisters in Christ while being mortally wounded is an act of courage that the Lord looks upon with favor.
Mabey everything in the kingdom is relative one person who has just been in a season of hurt after hurt after hurt stepping back into the place of speaking the word, encouraging from behind the scenes. Has the same reward as someone who is in a season of courage boldness
under the anointing of the Holy Spirit feeling like they can take on an army like Jonathan. Making massive strides in taking ground has the same reward in Gods eyes of the wounded one encouraging, speaking words of direction and destiny to that leader spurring them in the background. Maybe the Holy Spirit is speaking to those of us who are limping in the spirit, because of religious car accidents and that we don't feel like we can ever recover from. Holy Spirit might be saying you might think its small but to me, it's not can you give me one more round? Can you once again even if it is behind the scenes coaching through encouragement while you are wounded and healing can you once again enter the battlefield of heaven and hell and be a hero with a testimony that will be spoken of in heaven for all of eternity.
Everyone talks about the Welsh Revival lead by Evan Roberts and for good reason, it changed the entire nation of Wales, but it is known that man had bipolar and the decisions he made at the peak of the revival reflected this condition. Not that his book on warfare is wasted its a great
resource but I am led to believe that revival ended before it was supposed to. Evan stepped away and I think there is more to the story as to why he did that than what is recorded. Evan Roberts is a legend of the faith with a massive testimony in heaven right now.
Mental illness did not stop Evan Roberts from birthing a move of God that people who stepped of the boat onto the grounds anywhere in Wales felt the weight and presence of the Holy Spirit and is now for good reason in the history books as one of the greatest revivals to take place. In a strange way, I still feel his anointing and mantle is unfinished and someone will one day pick it up and wales will once again be turned upside down by the Holy Spirit and that revival was also meant to turn the whole world upside down for Christ I believe it will happen that is another story for another time.
But what is your limitation? Your limitation can become a strength in the hands of the Lord. Your emotional pain is brokenness and contrite heart that forces you to realize without Gods help you are going nowhere but with Gods help the very pain inside your soul, my soul
if we are willing to try again. Even in shame, guilt, regret, being treated unjustly the dream you had when you were on fire, when you first where born-again baptized in the Holy Ghost and through the pain and disappointment, the fire went out. With courage to take that step of faith even though it hurts so bad your destiny is not dead for you God honors a courageous heart your family might not understand, your friends might not understand and your church might not understand. But at the end of the day if you do what God has called you to do someone is going to be
upset. If you try to do something that will please people they probably still won't approve. Who cares Gods dream is in front of you and if Evan Roberts had bipolar and God used him to change an entire nation what can he do with you even with your limitations? You might fail five times but on the sixth, you succeed. Those five times you failed where just times you were learning to walk on water like Peter who did and sank. The sixth time is the one where you stepped out again walked on water and all of a sudden success and kingdom dreams become a reality not because you were as smart as Steve jobs, not because you had the opportunity at the age of 7 to make home alone movies like Macaulay Culkin make millions be set for life and never work again ( who I think has actually become a pretty Tope, (tope is a millennial term google if your not sure what it means lol) and honest guy not Christian but watch some of his interviews) But because in the midst of your pain in the midst of your suffering you said to God ok yes I will step out again.

I failed 5 times but I will step out again on that sixth time you use the knowledge to avoid all the mistakes of the previous 5 failures and finally the dream God put in your heart comes to life. People will say you're crazy usually family and friends with good intentions, but sometimes good intentions are not God intentions people said John the Baptist was crazy and Jesus said he was the greatest before him. Endurance, toughness, courage, the ability to bounce back constantly listening to the Holy Spirit standing on the word even when it seems hopeless and painful. You will succeed God will have his dream in your life become a reality because he wants and cares about it happening more than you do.

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