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Testimony of the week 


Praise God & thank you. I appreciate your authenticity & believe you have truly heard from the Holy Spirit regarding my life. Blessings, Beverly 




I am undone. I'm so encouraged this is a word i really needed to hear. Thank you. I feel like I just grew giant steps. Wow !



I was hit by a car back in September 5 of 2013 and its gotten worse until God healed my back on Saturday during the Facebook stream when David was praying. Jesus to heal backs, i gave a testimony on sunday while i was jumping up and down.

Victorya Ellis


You were so spot on with everything. 


Regarding my health, you spoke about issues I have been dealing with for a long time. It hurts to eat. Been I  out of the hospital, but I have been feeling like I am closer to resolution and you confirmed it. Thank you!


Including my spiritual gifts. I had a sense but not that I ever doubted God, but myself.  You confirmed that as well.



Jenny c

Today i had a chance to witness the hand of God through The evangelist of God David Reid on his online prophetic sessions..Thank You for the healing prayer 🙏🏼 I appreciate it all the back pains I’ve had for about a year and a half are now gone ! After You appointed healing in me ..Amen

SI Nhle



Many thanks for the Prophetic Word received today. It is powerful and speaks directly and very accurately into my life. Yes I have returned to square one and a new ministry was birthed just 3 months ago in conjunction with two people God miraculously chose to set off on this journey with me. We are based north of where I live! Our ministry is Prophetic Ireland (propheticireland.com) and has taken off at an incredible speed and is expanding rapidly as God leads. The encouragement of your word from God is a true blessing so many thanks again for your faithfulness. I feel sure we will keep in touch.

Every blessing

Brian Gilliland

August 2019

You were so accurate with this prophetic word. 

Jessica 2019 August



I  received healing prayers from Brother Dave the servant of God. I saw Gods healing hand immediately. Glory and Honor.

Sister Agnes, Kisii, Kenya.




Hello sir.

I have listened to the prophecy several times and have come to the conclusion that those words are indeed true. First, you spoke about 2 doors and I wanted to enter one yet an angel kept asking me to go through one. That's true. Currently, am faced with two good doors however due to financial constraint I am been forced to suspend one first for the other. And the most appealing to me is the one I feel God wants me to put on hold. Yet even that one I feel God is in support of it just as even the prophecy confirmed. I am currently mobilizing funds for business yet I feel God wants me to seek ministerial training with that funds first.


Then you spoke of something significant that brought healing happening to me when I was 15 years. I actually got born again w when i was 15



You spoke about me finding it difficult to go to church. Since last year till date I attended church less than 15 timesain my estimate


You spoke of fainting. Yes Luke 18 says that men should pray and not faint. I find itincreasingly difficult to pray.


You spoke about Sarah and be... Lol I date a lady called saurautu although that's her middle name. Sounds lots like Sarah and i used to think its the hausa equivalent for Sarah. Although I feel she is not the one for me. Beatrice lol. That's a female friend I have. We once had a relationship but I left because she had a child and I felt I can't swallow that. But we are still in talking terms


You spoke about the past 5 years being particularly tough that's very true. In fact that September of last yearu you mentioned was a very depressing month.




Thank you sir. I am blessed.





Thank you very much for the words spoken in the name of Jesus Christ. The things spoken are very accurate in my life, and the things spoken about having a prophetic spirit and a prophetic ministry & healing ministry.

-Daniela 2018


In addition, you had online church 2 Wednesdays ago and while you were praying for healing, I asked that my eczema or psoriasis would be healed...I've had it for 3 years and it has looked horrible and scaly and would itch. It started clearing up right away but I waited to see how much progress it would make - no longer itches or looks scaly and the skin looks like it is healing fast. Praise God and thank you for your blessings!

-Eunice 2018


Thank you so much for your time and for sharing. Yes, quite a few years ago (over 10 years ago) we did have a true prophetic word about ministry in our home, Where ministry would come and The people were coming & there would be an adjustment in life, after life after life! So you were right on the mark on that! 

-Cheryl J



David gave me tons of details in a very accurate organized matter in the Holy Spirit. He started with a few details from my recent past that were very accurate. He gave me details, such as descriptions of people, names,  and significant dates. The Holy Spirit gave me real confirmation through words of knowledge and he spoke of future events through the Holy Spirit that made sense this a real prophetic voice that gave me great hope.

-Anonymous United Kingdom 




Thank you very much for the prophecy, again very very accurate. My
eyes I can't really drive or even see clearly in the
night thank you Lord for the healing. My twin sister called
DORICAH recently started using glasses and yes you mentioned
someone close to me with the letter D. The finances yes
and I also sensed a breakthrough.
-Rebbeca 2018


I have been blessed to be used by Jesus through virtual streams onto big screens in fields, meetings in churches, tents, fields, supermarkets and all over To see thousands of people give there live Jesus all Glory to God. 

During this time I have personally seen with my own eyes while praying for people or releasing words of knowledge in Jesus name.
a lady with feet turned in the lord to me to bang her legs up and down in faith I did so her feet turned out she got rid of her stick and walked straight
I have seen numerous legs grow out that have been shorter than the other 
I have seen the deaf hear


During in meetings and afterward, I have heard people testify they have been healed by the Holy Spirit of the following conditions
limbs that do not operate coming to life
hepatitis healed
total blindness healed
HIV healed
scoliosis healed
Cripples standing
people in wheelchairs no longer needing them
fibromyalgia healed
broken bones coming together
screws and bolts holding bones together disappear
cracked bones heal
depression healed
anxiety healed
mental illness healed
heart conditions requiring heart surgery healed 
IBS healed
adrenal fatigue healed
thyroid problems healed
hormonal problems being aligned
I saw with my own eyes and felt with my own hand I saw growth on someone back disappear under the great power of the holy spirit
fractured bones healed
lime disease healed
broken disks in the back heal
chronic pain disappearing
asthma healed
short-sighted seeing conditions healed
85% blindness healed
Seizures topping
Cancer levels go below 1% from high levels
learning difficulties improved