Testimony of the week 


Praise God & thank you. I appreciate your authenticity & believe you have truly heard from the Holy Spirit regarding my life. Blessings, Beverly 




I am undone. I'm so encouraged this is a word i really needed to hear. Thank you. I feel like I just grew giant steps. Wow !



I was hit by a car back in September 5 of 2013 and its gotten worse until God healed my back on Saturday during the Facebook stream when David was praying. Jesus to heal backs, i gave a testimony on sunday while i was jumping up and down.

Victorya Ellis


You were so spot on with everything. 


Regarding my health, you spoke about issues I have been dealing with for a long time. It hurts to eat. Been I  out of the hospital, but I have been feeling like I am closer to resolution and you confirmed it. Thank you!


Including my spiritual gifts. I had a sense but not that I ever doubted God, but myself.  You confirmed that as well.



Jenny c

Today i had a chance to witness the hand of God through The evangelist of God David Reid on his online prophetic sessions..Thank You for the healing prayer 🙏🏼 I appreciate it all the back pains I’ve had for about a year and a half are now gone ! After You appointed healing in me ..Amen

SI Nhle



Many thanks for the Prophetic Word received today. It is powerful and speaks directly and very accurately into my life. Yes I have returned to square one and a new ministry was birthed just 3 months ago in conjunction with two people God miraculously chose to set off on this journey with me. We are based north of where I live! Our ministry is Prophetic Ireland (propheticireland.com) and has taken off at an incredible speed and is expanding rapidly as God leads. The encouragement of your word from God is a true blessing so many thanks again for your faithfulness. I feel sure we will keep in touch.

Every blessing

Brian Gilliland

August 2019

You were so accurate with this prophetic word. 

Jessica 2019 August



I  received healing prayers from Brother Dave the servant of God. I saw Gods healing hand immediately. Glory and Honor.

Sister Agnes, Kisii, Kenya.