Success is inside of you because God is inside of you.

I recently started an ebay business and I was flying I spent a month nearly 10 hours a day researching it put it into action. Unfortunately, eBay Australia’s rules changed and because of this I owed a large amount of fees this all most destroyed my profit. I was devastated I spent 7 days a week 12 hours a day building the business. I did learn something in the process the Holy Spirit whispered to me that this was not going to work the I wanted but there where tools I was going to learn through the process, but he kept speaking t me about Amazon and taking that same work ethic would turn over a gigantic profit. In a business model that is not supposed to work on I managed to make it work by the grace of God. I had no real mentors I taught myself and even if the profit margin was small it was a success. When I found about fee changed, I was devastated and I realized that I could not make this work with the model I had created with the new fee structure. Honestly, I wept, during this time because outside ministry I feel I have failed at many things and this was just another to the list. I found a legitimate course about amazon and with out going to all the details I picked myself up and spent a week doing this course, the best part about is that there are mentors to answer questions. I don’t know anything about amazon but with hard work and following a proven system that has been developed there is a lot of money to be made and I can see why God kept whispering to me in my Spirit go with Amazon. I took a blow from the devil with eBay I have fear for failing again but through a motivational video, the Holy Spirit said to me, real champions don’t wait, they know I have placed inside of them greatness and with my help they will make it a success. I did search our new website not even a few weeks old all ready when the keywords typed in request a prophecy it shows up on the 4th page of google I broke down because I can see God’s hand at work and our own love language telling me he loves me through it’s My choice to be like Elijah Jezebel is opposing me but that is not going to stop me I’m going to with God’s help make this a success amongst other business ventures. The same favor and Spirit of God is inside of you and he is just waiting for you to make the decision you will work with him and do what you have to, make your dream become a reality.