his may as well be the catch cry of my life on many days. I’M not bragging but recently I spent 4 hours praying in preparation to bless people unsaved or saved with the love of God. By the grace of God between Holy Spirit and angelic activity, I received very detailed information. I have to say I have received even more detailed information in the past but I felt this had the real purpose of healing. A lot of us get smashed by life we start a business I am in the middle of running one and starting another its darn tough work. Things downturn out the way I want I spend hours editing pushing myself through the momentous task of repeating everything I’m doing. God told me to do this I know it will be worth it, to be honest, I started a business venture recently I made a profit out of it but because it was an Australian based business the rules ad payments are a bit ridicules. I was devastated I wept, I punched the punching bag at my gym as hard as I could trying to bust it open. I benched 380lb to try and release the energy. At the end of the day I had to accept God put me through a boot camp so I would succeed at what he was about to do with a different platform and he truly has been truthful to his word on that. I spend nearly 35 minutes a day training in cage fighting or mma I also train weights I can deadlift 450 lbs at least 5 times. But I can tell you in the midst of all of this I also work a full-time job which I do not an easy one with either. I can say that I prophesy, release Dunamis power of God to see people healed but that does not mean I feel close to God. I have to come to the conclusion my relationship with God fluctuates. In February I will be coming to ohio my background is I was sexually assaulted by my Christian school captain and another person this went on until I started lifting weights and I ended up throwing one of the people into a wall like an arrow released from a bow it stopped then. In ohio we are going to have a meeting not a church meeting a healing meeting, for those of have been rejected by the church, for those who need real prophetic encouragement, for those with deep wounds that need Christ’s supernatural healing, for those who have supernatural calls in the Holy Spirit that have never been given a chance. No one if better than anyone else, im on the same level as you my heart is to see you fulfill Gods purpose for your life where your success will truly be in every way including finically. For those of you who grew un in-home abuse I can identify with that I won't the name the person but I remember at the age of 12 being punched in the spine so hard I could not sit or walk straight at school.God knows brokeness and he knows how to restore it.