2019 prophecy

I have been very skeptical of some of the prophetic words that have been going around about 2019. For example one of the major words I have seen by to people in the body of Christ has been 2019 has been your year is know. I grew up listening to Prophets like Bob Jones and become inspired how the Lord told them specific events coming about the year. I said to the Lord if I am going to give a yearly prophetic perspective I am asking you speak to my like Isiah the prophet in detail. Last year In prayer the Lord told me some events that would take place now in the place of humility 7 out of the 9 things I thought I heard from the Lord did take place.

I do not claim to be 100% accurate in fact I believe to anyone to claim they hear God with 100& accuracy every time is kidding themselves and insulting peoples intelligence. So I got 7 right and maybe the other two are for a later time, honestly maybe I misunderstood the Holy Spirit and the word i delivered was incorrect I can am I big enough man to admit I get it wrong hearing from God sometimes in fact I believe sometimes God loads our prophetic guns with blank bullets that are intended to be hard to interpret so that the people of God don't become reliant on a man women as a prophet but listen to them as powerful prophetic voices to be understood. But the main thing is the relationship they have with Holy Spirit is so strong they can get a confirmation if the world fo the lord going forth from the man or women of God brings confirmation in their own spirit or not. The Lord is now talking to me about 2019 some specific things that are going to down to get ready for. I will speak about later on. However, I had a strange experience in waiting on the Lord today.

After about 3 hours of waiting on Lord Iman came to me in a vision he was covered in Gods glory probably an angel you might find that offensive but oh well you might need to read your bible and see how many times angles in the new testament bring significant messages and do Gods work. He handed me something I have never seen before I can't explain what it was in English terms it was colorful I could feel a very strong presence of the Lord in it but I heard in very sharp terms if my people are willing to take action then 2019 will be your year and there's and he handed it to me it looked like a tool. I was immediately humbled that the other men and women who had prophesied the same thing i heard from heaven exactly what they did. I do believe God is doing something for his people this year that is unraveling destiny in our lives but it always takes action steps on our parts for it to happen. So I humble myself and say the false judgments in my mind i made about general words for this year I was wrong God is doing something special for his inheritance for you and me this year but we must take action on it.

I know some of you are reading this offended I'm talking about angels but I do spend at least 1 to 3 hours a day with Holy Spirit waiting on him like Ezekial. I have seen over 20000 and that is conservative come to Christ, prophesied over thousands of people, raised up at least a thousand in the prophetic. I have ministered in churches and fields around the world I have seen limbs grow out and thousands set free of demonic influences. Every day without fail whether it be online, in shopping centers, or the gym I prophesy pray for healing and preach the gospel. I don't really care about that im so broken and have been so broken and experienced so much pain in my own life I have had to continually walk with God through, I'm over all these religious comparisons I press into God because I want to be so anointed so that when I minister to people they get set free and live better a better quality of life than the torment I have gone through in my own life and have had to overcome. I am going to release more specific things about this year coming and maybe some will be off but from what I know i believe most will be on because I am an imperfect human hearing from a perfect God I can get it wrong. But I have been shown some very specific events coming I look forward to sharing more.

David Reid